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The online store has over the years acquired its customers' loyalty thanks to competence and courtesy.

When you direct buy from the manufacturer, that is from Diamoro online shop, you will get custom-made jewellery and you will save up to 40% compared to a traditional jewellery store


1. What distribution channels does Diamoro use?

Diamoro items are exclusively sold online following your website registration.

For its trade Diamoro has thus no retail stores, no agents or any other kind of intermediation.

This is one of the reasons why Diamoro can offer you a wide range of products with a hardly comparable price-quality relationship.

Important notice
If you find some of our jewels, it means that the photos or videos of our products have been copied from our site and that what they are trying to sell you does not certainly correspond to reality.

2. Why should one choose to buy online at Diamoro?

Diamoro has been on the web since 2006 and it differs from other websites for jewellery sales thanks to its sobriety, seriousness and professionalism.

From its birth on Diamoro has chosen to produce and exclusively promote quality jewels refusing to follow the general trend of selling more and more low-cost jewels made of poor materials and cheap labour.

Our customers will have no doubt about the jewel they’ll receive as they will have already appreciated its quality thanks to many product-related photos and thanks to its technical datasheet they will also have evaluated the jewel characteristics as well.

Diamoro is not virtual: ask Diamoro and our staff will be glad to help and follow you in your choice as if you physically stepped into a traditional jewellery store.

3. Why should one prefer Diamoro instead of a jewellery store?

Our prices
Diamoro products are solely and exclusively sold online. It’s a direct selling business with no agents or retail stores. As there are no intermediate steps our prices are thus lower and more competitive. Our customers save up to around 40%.

Quality at Diamoro
Diamoro jewels have no rivals and compete with the ones you may find in the best jewellery stores even if these also sell branded jewels.

Brand new jewels
The jewels you see on show in jewellery showcases are worn and worn by potential buyers. We create your Diamoro jewel only when you order it, instead. The product we deliver you is thus brand new with no scratches on it and, in white-gold items, rhodium is new and shining.

Flexible solutions
In a traditional jewellery store it’s generally hard to order a slightly different jewel from the one displayed in the store showcase: if the jewel we love does not fit to our budget or to our taste, it’s impossible to change any part of it. You’ll have to buy it as it is or walk away.
At Diamoro you can take inspiration from the jewel you have seen and order your custom-made jewel.

4. Why are prices at Diamoro so competitive?

For an inexpert public it’s always hard to make an esteem of a jewel value: two 18-karat-gold solitaire rings with a diamond of the same weight may look similar but have a very different price. When you want to give a value to the jewel you have to consider several factors.

Quality, originality and weight of a setting always contribute to the final price of the jewel.

Two diamonds of the same weight can have a totally different price depending on their clarity and colour. Emerald, ruby and sapphire are precious stones whose price can vary significantly according to their quality or rarity. The beauty and value of a jewel always depend on the quality of its gems.

It is not enough to have the best materials to get a good result. Also for what concerns jewellery, it is essential that the materials are processed by skilled hands if you want to have a satisfactory result. Design, stones selection, setting, finishing are the most important aspects of the manufacturing process. Considering all these aspects, Diamoro has a price-quality ratio difficult to equalise.